Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kimi no Neiro Chapter 12 & Some Announcements

Whoa, there! Calm down!

Hiyas! Kurumi's here with another update!
Before you get to the chapter, I'd like to inform all volunteers and members that you guys are now FREE from helping! It appears that I won't need help anymore. Due to the long wait of the raws, I might not be able to handle staffs or any more volunteers.. So, from now on, I'll just be cleaning and typesetting the remaining chapters by myself. Thank you! I really appreciate your help up until now!

 Another important notice, the raw provider/translator (wizz) will be on vacation until September ends (I know, waiting sucks T_T) and we can do nothing about it, because she's already gone!
Now get to the chapter!

This time Neiro's ready to sleep over at Akira's! But, hey wait, doesn't Akira have brothers?
Wondering about how they will meet? Read the chapter right away!

Please take a survey next to this post! I really appreciate every single vote! Thank you!

A lot of people have been complaining about how bad chapter 1-3 were. Well, people, I wasn't that proficient at scanlating and I did them all by myself. So now, while waiting for the raw, I'll try to get back and redo those chapters... if I have time..

Wow, that was so darn long! So, see you again in October! Enjoy your summer!

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