When will the next chapter come out?

Only when it's ready. Consider that I have real life too and I need more time because I am still learning the languages I am using for translating. This question has been forbidden to be asked to any scanlation groups, you know.

Why can't you release the chapters frequently?

I used to release one chapter per week, but right now, as you see, I am looking for raw provider desperately since my friend stopped sending the raw. I would accept if you offer me raw chapters, but only if it's Japanese and readable. I do not accept chinese raw (except if you're Chinese and you're willing to translate it for me).

I found many spelling and grammar mistakes, wrong onomatopoeia, and unfinished sentences!

To improve the quality of this manga, I suggest you to use "Errors Found" Box next to this FAQ. I will be so grateful if you spot the errors right away. After I read the 'errors' that you found, I'll gladly release v2 or v3 of the chapter.
And also, my apologize, I am a human too, I make mistakes like people do. English is not my first language. Please bear with my translating skill for now, I'm improving as the time flows.

I want to be one of your staffs/ volunteers, is that possible?

I'd hate to say this, but no. Right now, I really can't handle staffs/volunteers. But I really appreciate your offers! Thank you.

Hi, I am from ***** scanlation group, can we use your scans for my German/Italian/Spanish/etc. group?

Sure, I don't really mind about it as long as you don't remove the credit page. Also, please make sure that you put a page that encourages people to buy the manga when it becomes available in your country to support the mangaka.

Can you translate ***** manga?

I'm sorry, but now I can only translate one manga. The condition doesn't really support me to scanlate more than one manga. School stuff has been tough recently too.

Do you accept donations?

Right now, I don't. I am doing this just for fun and as well as for improving my language skills.