Thursday, June 7, 2012

The long awaited...... UPDATES!!!!!! Kimi no Neiro Chapter 9

Yes, finally.

Excuse me, everyone. Wizz here. This site has been inactive for like, 3 months, oh my God.

Kurumi was totally busy with her school stuff and her exams. And apparently, she still is. I don't know about her school life at all, but summer break is supposed to start around May 30 right?! I wonder which school she goes to...

She said she wouldn't be back until summer vacation on July. But today, after finally opening the mails and anons' messages after 3 months, she tried finishing off half of the cleaning and typesetting. Also, thanks to Mae-san for helping us! :3 So, enjoy chapter 9~

and sorry for the crappy file size. Go read on mangafox if you can't bear it =)

We'll hopefully be back full force in July. Yeah! I'm gonna make it double, no triple chapters! (Well it's up to the others though, hahaha).

Kurumi : Sorry for people who expect replies from , please send your emails once again around June-July. Thanks.

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